Last Page from a Martyr’s Diary

She ran to the door as the bell rang

A man in uniform, with an envelope in his hand

He saluted her with the entire honor

Handed her the envelope and sat in the corner

She looked as if her wounds have healed

Ran to the kitchen to get it pealed

The letter was stained, with blood and sand

Opening the letter with trembling hand

Smell was clear of gun smoke

As she read the words he wrote

It was from her love in a far off land

A shiver was visible in her hand

He left a son and was freshly wed

His love was called to join the deck

I fought with bravery and fought with zeal

I made my enemy to defeat and kneel

My country asked for duties of its son

I kept my courage until it was won

This is what I signed up to do

so my country can stay Free and True

Don’t worry about me anymore

I will be in rest and peace for sure

I will go now, as things started to fade

Remember crying over a martyr is forbade

I know I will not see you, I know I will die

Before it is late to say good bye

There is something I must say

I thought of you all each and every day

I am sorry to break, the promise I made

I know you’re alone but don’t be afraid

God who called me to his home

He is the one who won’t let you roam

I love you all and miss you too

She wiped her tears and stand up high

Ready to sacrifice her son with smile


The Most Deserving – Mother

Looking at the full moon lately, a strange thought hit like an electric bolt, the shaded area on the moon resembles to a picture where a mother is sitting with her child in her hands. It is just my own perception and thought and I don’t want to enforce it to anyone, but it got strong when I gathered my thoughts and came to a conclusion that no wonder our Holy Prophet said mother, mother, mother when asked who should be taken care of more a father or a mother.


Mother, Mom, Mommy, Maa, Amma, Ammi, Ummi all these refer to one and one person in our lives and i.e. our mothers. Starting from the day when you are announced to born she is the one person who takes all the hardships to bear you, all this does not offer her a vacation from her routine duties instead this adds to her responsibilities until our safe arrival to this world.

Mothers now days are not just simple housewives, they are working equally with men and their duties just not stop, there are responsible to take care of their families at home too. Doctors all over the world claim that is the most critical time for a woman.

After all the hardships for nine months, when the doctors announce your birth the most happiest of all the beings on the universe is your mother. No matter white or black, beautiful or ugly you are her everything, you are her life.

She is responsible for your upbringing, you education, you needs hence everything. Her responsibilities does not stop here, she is responsible for searching a best bride or groom for her child (at least in the region where we live).

Her responsibilities does not end here, even after becoming a grandmother, she takes care of her grandchildren so that her own child gets the most out of this world.

She does all this without complaining, without asking for a holiday or a vacation, even if she is sick she will try her best to share the burden.

But what do we do. Do we give her what she deserves? We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we even forget her appointments, or even her birthdays. A lot of us regret this when she passes away.


Mother is the only person who deserves the most. This is just to make my heart light and a promise to my mother for being there for her. I love you MAA.