Men Out There


Out there in a dark, quiet mysterious night

Hidden in the grass, covered with mud

Six feet tall, a handsome looking guy


He is not terrified by the thundering clouds

He is not taken back by the scary sea

He doesn’t show a sign of threat


He is not fearful of thunder or storm

He is there in dawn or dusk

He stays still even if it rains or hail


He is not bothered of getting sick

Is he not afraid of all the things around?

A single bullet can kill him, if he is found


He doesn’t care that he is sleep deprived

He doesn’t care that he is tired

He is wide awake and vigilant in his task


Lying there unmoved, without blinking an eye

Why is he out there, doesn’t he has a home

Wife, children, not a single relative at all


He reminds himself of this ancient creed

He has a belief that he is the last hope

These barren sands are his home


Why is he doing this, and for who

For the sake of his home, for the peace of his land

This is what he has been trained to do


2 thoughts on “Men Out There

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    WOW ! What a beautiful tribute to our soldiers fighting and sacrificing their lives for our peaceful sleep. Loved your words.

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