Prayers – unspoken words from heart

Prayers – unspoken words from heart

One Grumpy Panda

APRAYWhen everything feels like falling apart,

Countless fears gather in your heart.

When no one’s help is going to make it any better

Your soul starts to shatter.

When you want your scars to heal,

You just need someone trustworthy for real.

When all your efforts end up in vain,

You’re left with nothing but pain.

When things keep on getting harder and harder to explain,

Inner peace doesn’t seem to remain.

When life truly feels like its made of glass,

The thought of it not shattering is hard to surpass.

When you feel like you’re gonna fall,

There is no support as you recall.

When being at a place feels like nowhere,

Despair is all that’s everywhere.

When no light is to be found anywhere,

Around us darkness seems to be making a sphere.

When soul starts to tear,

The awful silence is hard to bear.

When a ray…

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One thought on “Prayers – unspoken words from heart

  1. Thank you so much Affan for the reblog 🙂 really appreciate it 🙂

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