I need a person to be with me !!!

People come and passes by

Time ticks and flies by

I need a person to be with me

Who I never expect to say good-bye


Waking up to his SMS

Take me out of all the Mess

I need a person to be with me

Soothe me up when depress


Read my eyes when I am sad

Do whatever to see me glad

I need a person to be with me

Willing to give me all he had


Wipe my tears when I cry

Giving his coin to let me try

I need a person to be with me

Trust me blind so I can rely


Always ready to give me support

Hold my hand to get me on board

I need a person to be with me

Can wait for me in shivering cold


Every night on the bed I pray

As I live I want you to stay

I need the same to be with you

But, I am sorry I can’t be you


 Thank you my friend for being there and being always supportive

Thank You Father

The tomb of Quaid in Karachi a place whose respect should be obligatory on every single Pakistani is now left as a place for entertainment only. It is just because of the lack of entertainment venues in Karachi the Tomb has converted in a park for the families.

Looking at the positive side of it, people feel safe enjoying with their families under the shadow of their father and it also help in generating a revenue for most people as they come there and sell chat, choley, cold drinks etc. hence there is a socio economic activity being carried out there since long now.

But when you look at the other side of it, the hundreds and thousands of people present at the tomb daily literally forget to recite Fatiha for their father; how unfortunate. The man who has been the fighter for not just the Muslims but in fact the Sub-Continent got independence because of his efforts.


Quaid’s Tomb is used by the political parties to gain political millage; all the political parties arrange huge public gathering take address the father and swear upon him to serve the nation. On the other hand the authorities visit the tomb on Independence Day, birth and death anniversaries of him.

The tomb is now been considered Heaven for the sinners of every kind, without the fear of any Law enforcement agencies almost every un lawful act is being carried out there without any shame and respect for the place.

The only favor Quaid did for us is he has provided us with a place for relaxing with our families with a relative less chance of having any mishap.

Sorry Father, but this is the best we can offer you.