Happy Father’s Day

The relation between children and parents is a priceless relation of the world, after GOD only relation that can be trusted blindly is the relation of Children and their parents. Even if we dedicate every second of our lives to them we won’t be able to return the favor to them. What is the problem if we take out a day in a year and dedicate it to them making them feel special?


Most people argue for dedicating a single day for them, they should be loved, taken care of everyday. In this busy world where we tend to forget our family which includes our parents and our own personality in the process we hold ourselves liable for missing on it, there is no harm at times to make them feel special even if it is a single day dedicated to them.

Father, the only personality who take all the hardships, no matter how hard he has to try he will forget his pain just to see a smile on his children’s face he take all the load of the world. He is the one who is proud when his children are grown up and are successful in their lives. But unfortunately, when the children are able to stand on our feet they tend to forget all that which he has suffered for us during his life. He is the one who sacrificed his wishes throughout his life to fulfill wishes of his children, because he wants his children to live a comfortable life and should not suffer for what he missed during his life.

Father is the one who see his life through his children, his children are the investment of his life time but sadly children often forget what they are today is just because their father has compromised on his needs all his life for just a smile on his children’s face. At times his scolding feels humiliating but that all is for his child’s good.

Respect your father as it is a gift of GOD; respect him for all the sacrifices he has made for you to make you what you are today. respect him for being there when you were unable to walk, respect him for teaching you the difference of good and bad, respect him for teaching you to take your first step, respect him for holding his wishes back just to fulfill yours.


On the occasion of Father’s Day dedicate the day to him. Father a personality in your life who has ploughed this seedling to a tree, who has bore all the hardships to provide shelter for you.

If you haven’t planned it yet, it is still not late, go out buy a gift that could be a watch, tie, shirt or anything that he prefer, plan lunch and dinner with the family and dedicate it to your father. If possible call his friends on tea the surprise will surely bring smile on his face, your father will surely be proud to know that his children know his likings and disliking.

Obviously, you cannot repay him, now you should take some time out and dedicate a day to him, make him feel special just to say thank you for being there for everything whenever, wherever needed.



One thought on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. erumaqua says:

    The last sentence have spoke alot and indeed it is the beauty of the whole write up actually……. an amazing post upon a very special person of any individual’s life.

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