Let us seek Guidance



While reciting the Holy Quran today, these thoughts came to my mind, so felt like sharing them 

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if we treated the Quran the way we treat our cell phones ?

what if we can carry it with us wherever we go; in our hand bags and in our pockets ?

what if we looked at Quran the way we look at our text books ?

what if we went back to take it if forgotten ?

what if we treated as though we cannot live without it !

what if we give it to our friends as a gift ?

what if we read it while travelling ?

what if we made it a priority everyday ?

Do we ever think while  we open messages from friends & gossips and spends hours of our precious time in it, but how many times do we open the Quran and read the messages sent directly from Allah himself ?


The Holy book has every question answered, solution to every problem, its not for the muslims only. Allah has said in the holy Book that it is “Hidayah” for the mankind. 

May Allah give us the strength to make Holy Quran our favorite book, a teacher, a preacher, a solution seeker.

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