The Day I Saw Pakistan !!!


Last Friday while leaving office the atmosphere was electrifying everyone was happy and was anxiously waiting for 11th May. The day which was considered as a foundation and Democratic birth of Pakistan’s Politics, since independence this was considered as the day when people were to exercise their right of VOTE and elect a democratic government to take charge for next tenure.

Every single individual, every TV channel was happy on the transformation of power from one people’s Government to another under the devised mechanism of the constitution.

Everyone was ready to go out and play their part for this historical transformation. The ladies of the house got their new dresses stitched up for the day. The children who were not able to vote were ready to go with their parents dressed in the colors of Pakistan to feel the atmosphere. The day before was just like a CHAND RAAT (night before EID). Morning of 11th started with an unexpected attendance in the mosques. It did not by any means started with the feeling of a holiday. People had planned everything a day before and came out of their houses well before the official time when the voting was supposed to be started. Nation has never celebrated Election Day as a festival like this ever before. Private cars, rickshaws, taxis, and motor cycles hence each and every means of transport was rushing to towards the respective polling stations. Clad mostly in green and white every elder, toddler was happy and excited to reach their polling station. Regardless, of any political affiliations people were out there to support a single ideology i.e. a better and prosperous place for their children.

Standing in the queue every single one was somehow or the other reflecting the colors of Pakistan. There were some delays but the spirits of the people were commendable. They were strangers to each other but the ideology made them a family, the delay was unbearable to some of them and people started to go back but youth the true future of Pakistan started motivating others to keep their morale high. Some of them stood up on the chairs and started addressing the people telling them the importance of their vote. People living nearby offered sitting places for the women, children and elders, youth started rushing to the shops and came back with water bottles, biscuits, fruits for the people to avoid de-hydration standing for a cause and did whatever they can to facilitate people. Incidents were reported where a bunch of youngsters carried an old man on a stretcher; people on wheel chairs attached with an oxygen cylinder were seen entering the polling booths just to cast their votes. People were offering their personal transport to the people living far, contact numbers, timings, and schedule were discussed hence everyone was trying to play their part for Pakistan.

People volunteered themselves and started teaching others how to cast their votes some of them offered their phones to others so that they can get the exact location of their polling stations and offered them their personal transport to take them to the places.

People boarded flights and came from all across the world just to cast their votes, those who couldn’t make it were praying and kept on calling their families and friends motivating them to go out and vote, later in the day there were a lot of calls making sure their friends and families were out there and have casted their votes. If not physically, but mentally every single Pakistani across the globe was present in Pakistan.

At last, after the delay of 3 hours polling started obviously there had to be a chaos because people were out there since morning and wanted to cast their vote as soon as possible and head back home, but NO some of them casted their votes as quickly as possible and offered their services to others bringing the old from outside making ways for them and get them cast their votes on priority basis, some of them started calling the booth numbers to guide people coming in, some took the responsibility of guiding people from outside, some took the responsibility of calling others and making sure they have their duties done of casting votes, arranging facilities to get them to polling stations.

People were told by the polling staff that they were short of stationary, immediately people called others and some ran on their own to get the required stamp pads, pens, rulers etc for the staff.

Looking at all this reminded me of my childhood stories what my grandparents use to tell us about how they sacrificed for the nation and what did they do when they got independence. Everyone was happy because they were doing something for their own country. All my efforts were paid off when an old man put his hand on my shoulder while I was guiding a couple to their polling station to my astonishment the couple immediately asked me to attend him first. The old man thanked me for my efforts and prayed for my success the one statement he said is now carved deep in my heart was “AAJ HUM UNGREZOON KI GHULAMI SAY AZAD HO GAAY”.

There were lots of incidents that are being reported about rigging, delays etc. keeping these aside “I saw Pakistan” that day, where there was no rich or poor, Elite or poor, everyone volunteered themselves and picking up trash from the streets and collected them in plastic bags and disposed them to a proper place. A nation with such patriotism and zeal can face any other nation of the world face to face. With all the deteriorating law and order conditions across the country people not just came out to vote but went back by sending a strong signal to the world that “We are ready and can face any challenge to offer”. The nation is now wide awake and ready to make their beloved country a Heaven on this planet.

We all are winners because now we can see our destination, let us keep this spirit alive and continue towards our goal and surely we will reach there in near future.

5 thoughts on “The Day I Saw Pakistan !!!

  1. wajahat75 says:

    What a great entry. Even though I was born outside of Pakistan, I always pray for my country to prosper. Your account of events details the “jazba” and “junoon” the next generation has for their country. It’s good to know that this Pak Sar Zameen is in good hands.

  2. Farhat Irshad says:

    After going through your write-up i get the feeling that we who are living in a world of illusion should come out of it and start living in utopia.

  3. erumaqua says:

    the whole sketch that the blogger drew is absolutely true and it actually made me proud as I observed all of this around me on that day as Pakistani…….. litterally the old man’s sentence is worth speaking that : “AAJ HUM UNGREZOON KI GHULAMI SAY AZAD HO GAAY” I pray from the bottom of my heart that may this sentence come true in its genuine meaning on our beloved homeland PAKISTAN Ameen Sum Ameen. Indeed, thankyou for a very powerful post God Bless You………..

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