Is Love blind ?


Yesterday afternoon some of my colleagues including me were arguing about something. That turned to relationships, and then to the pros and cons of love marriages and arrange marriages.

The conclusion was “love is Blind” and therefore majority of the love marriages does not last long and ends up in divorce.

Does all that make sense?

Surely, all those who say this are completely clueless about what they are saying and why they are saying this.

To say “Love is Blind” is completely unjustified. Love sees more not less, Love sees beyond what a normal sight can see.

Those who say it are clueless of what they are saying, when we say Love is Blind, it does not actually mean love; what it actually refer to is “Selfishness”. So in reality when saying “Love is Blind” we mean “Selfishness is Blind”.

When you see a larva, which is actually very ugly does not make you hate it instead you take care of it because you see a beautiful butterfly in it.

Stand in front of the mirror, what you see?

What you see is “YOU”, forgetting the surroundings what you admire is your own self. When you lose sight of your surroundings except yourself, isn’t it blindness. Indeed it is.

So, it is not love that is blind, it is selfishness which is. Yes, it is our selfishness and egotism that blinds us. A selfish person is self-centered and can only see himself; it is his personal gratification for himself.

Love sees beyond what a normal eye can see. It sees with great clarity. We all believe GOD love his creations, is it that he only sees what is beautiful and hate what is not.

The answer to this is NO, because he does not judge anything with its appearance he judges them by looking into their hearts. Even our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said this in his last sermon “No Arab is prior to a non-Arab”

It is humans who base their decisions on the appearance but GOD does it with their souls.

Love can see the worst in it and does not ignore it, but forgives it. If that would not have been the case, I wouldn’t love my country even with all the negatives in it. On the other hand, I love it to the extent of sacrificing my life for it. This is love, even with all the negativities which I don’t ignore but forget when it comes to my motherland because I see the positivity in it.

“Love is blind” is a simple and lame excuse for us after we get messed up, it is just a cover for our bad decision making.

What we think is Love is pure selfishness, egotism, or simply lust. It is actually selfishness and lust for us or for others to gratify ourselves.

Stop using “love is Blind” as a cover and start loving with your eyes, mind, heart and feel the difference of being in love or being in lust.

2 thoughts on “Is Love blind ?

  1. erumaqua says:

    Well the whole writeup is a very logical and strong answer to the term which says ” Love is Blind”……… the way the writer indicates his real life experiences in each post is actually the charm of this blog and the reason aswell of why i enjoy reading it always…….. thankyou for posting…….

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