Who to BLAME ?

The inspiration to write all this came while going through the programs done on these so called “aamils”. Some local TV channels have exposed these so called “aamils” recently.

All this made me think there were times when I felt down because of issues and even my prayers to God doesn’t seem be answered. During these times many of my friends and family members advised me to visit some of them too. But fortunately or unfortunately I never did.

Since the day I got senses and started to understand things, this one thing has always bothered me. WHY a lot of my prayers were unanswered by God. There are times when I think that my prayers should have been answered, but maybe my prayer seem to lose their track and fail to reach God or is something wrong with the way I pray.
Sometimes I feel maybe I am a big sinner and that is the reason God is not listening to my prayers or cries even; or is it I am very far from God.
If the prayers are not getting answered, could it be possible that I am not sincerely asking for it because he says “Ask me; and I will reward you.”

Is it something like my prayers are still mean, are these prayers smell pride, or even though I am asking God for help but in the back of my mind I have that feeling of getting it done by myself even if God doesn’t answer my prayers. Even when we are asking God for help we want him to answer our prayers the way we want it, not the way he wants it to be answered.

There are some famous lines in Urdu which goes like this:

“Ek teri chahat hai aur ek Meri chahat hai, hoga wohi jo Meri chahat hai, Agar tu ney supard kar diya apnay ap ko jo Meri chahat hai, to Mein tujhe woh bhi dunga jo teri chahat hai, aur agar to ney mukhalfat ki iski jo Meri chahat hai, to mein thaka dunga tujh ko is mein jo teri chahat hai phir hoga wohi jo Meri chahat hai”

the translation of which is something like this:


“you have your own desires and I have my own, my desires will prevail, but if you bow yourself down to my desires, I shall then bestow upon you your desires, but if you go up against my desires, then I will tire you out of your desires, and ultimately, my desires will prevail.”


This is where the problem starts, we want each and every prayer not only to be answered, but in a way we want it to be answered.

I believe when God permits crises on you, he wants you to draw your attention back to him. This is his way to calling his being to him, but what we do instead of asking him directly we opt for some “aamils”, horoscope teller, or people of such sort.


To take this further let me put something I read quite some time back. I don’t remember the name of the caliph but the incident goes like this:

A ruler of his time once visited Makkah for pilgrimage; during his prayers he saw a man stick to the walls of Bait-ullah the ruler ordered his men to bring that person to him. He asked the man what you are asking from God.

The poor man replied, I am blind and asking God to give me sight for last 13 years and I won’t leave this place until I get want I want.

The ruler replied I am giving you 3 days to ask God what you want, if your prayers don’t get answered in these 3 days I will cut your head with my sword.

The blind man returned and started crying; asking God for his eyes. After three days the ruler returned and asked his men to bring the blind man, everyone was shocked to see the blind man came with perfect eyes.

What I drive from the incident is when a person is completely helpless and can’t find anything else to help he turns to his creator the GOD and pray with selflessness and self-reliance. The poor man forgot everything else because his life was at stake and only asked for his eyes so that his life escapes the danger of being dead. It is only when we

Cannot find something to fulfill our desire that is when we divert ourselves to others and when these others failed to help us out then we retreat to God and seek his guidance and surrender to him.
The question is why do we let ourselves fall in a pit to realize the consequences?
It is just because we always look for an easier way out. Intentionally or unintentionally we think we can do it by our own, or let us say we can do it without God’s help and in the end we are always proved wrong.

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