Turn on your television, login to facebook, listen to the radio, get into the social media sites all you can hear is “Election, Election, and Election”. This is bound to happen because the country is going into the elections for the first time under constitutionally devised mechanism.

There are lots of slogans, lot of promises by all the political parties in their jalsas “gathering” for motivating people to vote for their parties or candidates. They make you remember the efforts they have put in their last tenure and the parties who couldn’t make it last time highlighting the mistakes of the parties in power to get the attention of the people to vote for them.

Hence, everyone is trying to get as many people to vote for them so that they can get the desired majority in the parliament for the next five years tenure.

A slogan which is getting the most attention is of “NAYA Pakistan” and masses are at least paying attention to the slogan, even if they are not going to vote for this party and rightly so, because it is entirely your right to vote for the candidate or party of your choice. The idea behind the slogan is interesting, being a patriotic Pakistani I wish this idea is implemented and the system accept the changes and we could see a prosperous Pakistan in future. The most interesting part is, it has mobilized the youth or the future of Pakistan for the cause.

But one thing that is bothering me since I have heard this slogan of Naya Pakistan, is this Naya Pakistan only the responsibility of the said party who is chanting this slogan or is it the responsibility of every rich or poor, old or young, literate or illiterate, men or women to make this happen or be a part of it.

If this is our responsibility have we started doing anything for it?

The roads are dirty as before the streets are full of trash, we can see sewerage water flowing in the streets, we can see wrappers, fused cigarettes on the floors, the abstract art of spitting pan everywhere.


Is it what Naya Pakistan is all about?

Positively “NO”.

Trust me attending the “jalsas”, waving flags, chanting slogans won’t get us anywhere. We have to stand up and put in our bit to make it the most beautiful country on this planet. Sitting in our homes, sipping coffee and pretending to be an intellect discussing the worst situation of the country will not help us or Pakistan.

I understand a lot can only be done once we the believers of Naya Pakistan are in parliaments and make rational decisions to make our country a better place to live in. But only the elected members cannot do it themselves, we have to stand up now and act as a responsible citizen and do our bit. As they say “preaching starts at home” and rightly so, we should start doing our bit by cleaning the areas in front of our houses, schools, colleges, offices, universities, mosques, shops and dispose the garbage to a proper places, avoid spitting on the floors, streets and roads, stop throwing wrappers of the windows from our cars, avoid breaking the traffic lights, wait for our turns in the queue, helping someone cross the road.

As they say “every drop makes a sea”, I solemnly believe a little of this change by us will do a lot in evolving our beloved Pakistan a country of the civilized, a country which we dream it to be, and a country that will be called “NAYA PAKISTAN”.


Pakistan Zindabad !!!

3 thoughts on ““Do your BIT” for NAYA PAKISTAN

  1. Haseeb says:

    The other day while i was struck in traffic and was waiting for the way to get clear, I saw vehicles invading wrong side resulting in a deadlock. I thought of the same which you’ve mentioned in the article. How can Imran Khan &/or PTI will eradicate this illiteracy act done by the “Civilized” people of the society? Great piece by the way. Cheers*

  2. sana says:

    Educating pakistan is the first preference of imran khan..let us pray and hope that he succeeds..

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