The Reality – The Delusion

When we opened our eyes the first thing that came across our sight was the dark and smelly surroundings. Looking around, we found a lot of us with different shapes and sizes lying over each other in a heap.

Suddenly, some unfamiliar voices caught our attention and a strange man stepped up close to us and took few of us away. All of us got frightened and what we could hear were the voices that we have never heard anyone returning once gone listening to all this we started praying.

We were terrified, the time did not seemed to pass and again we could hear the door opening and light coming from it made it obvious that night has passed. The same footsteps caught our attention and we started to shiver, all we could remember was a strong, rough, and a very dirty hand coming right at us before we lost our senses. We felt a different touch on us and slowly when we were gaining our senses; what we heard was surprising. Opening our eyes we were amazed to see a gloomy room and the hands we were caught by; were scrutinizing and admiring us for our beauty and then he polished us elegantly and packed us in a beautiful box saying “this one is going to be famous”. The cobbler has done a good job with this one.


These were the first words we heard in our praising and obviously made us arrogant. We were sent to a very well furnished and decorated shop, the owner took us out of the packing admired us, cleaned the dust off us with a clean and soft piece of cloth. The treatment we were getting made us feel special.

Placed us in the shelf with a tag which was the highest of all others in his shop, this made us feel on top and we forgot all the fear and the dusty environment we were born with. We were paid special attention everyday by the shop keeper and this was making us more and more stubborn and arrogant.

On one fine morning, a well dressed man elegantly walked into the shop and while looking at all the others his eyes caught our sight, he took us out of the shelf and at the first look on his face it was sure we were going to accompany him.

As soon as we reached our new expensive home we were anxious to get out of the box and enjoy the beautiful view of our new world. He took us out and placed us on a soft carpet. Later he got dressed and put us on his feet and admired us by posing in different styles. Both of us were so happy to be with him, when we returned from the visit along with him he took us out and placed us next to the old pair. We felt proud of our shine and beauty lying next to the old torn one.

We always accompanied our owner everywhere and added charms to his personality. Days changed to months and gradually all the shine and importance we were having started to doom, our shape and beauty continued to vanish as we grew older. No one paid attention to us and the dust kept kissing our surface making us feel helpless, our skin started to torn away and we were getting weaker as the days passed away. Then one day we saw our master coming in with a box in his hands and what came out of it was a beautiful fresh pair of shoes.

We realized it is high time and we will be rested in the corner from now on and this young pair will take our place, but the worst was yet to come he took us out of the shelf, placed the new ones there and threw us out of his window.


All of this is fictitious but there are few lessons to be learnt from this.

Beauty is temporary and it will fade with the passage of time, so we should never  fall for it and never forget the bad times in our life.

Relating this whole cycle to the “OLD” people in our surroundings we should never let them feel helpless when they are weak and old because this is the time when they need us the most, and you will be a part of all this too one day.

The traits being proud and arrogant will not do any good to you for the long run; it will make you feel on the top for the time being but will demand you to lose a lot in return. When you will realize this there will be no turning back and one will be left with nothing but crying over the spilt milk.

2 thoughts on “The Reality – The Delusion

  1. erumaqua says:

    The post has not let me loose my concentration even a bit until I read it till the last word 🙂 . Its a beautiful sketch that has been drawn by the blogger to highlight the importance of our elders in our life… thankyou soo much for this post Affan… really liked it alot. BRAVO!!

  2. Farhat Irshad says:

    It’s a good write-up to bring awareness among the masses about the precious treasures bestowed on us by our Creator,we should cherish their presence .It also makes them realise that one should not judge a book by it’s cover and moreover as you sow so shall you reap.

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