Educating the Educated

Educating the Educated

On my way home from office rarely an early return I came across a wall chalking of a coaching center offering almost everything on that 5×10 ft. part of the wall. I instantly smiled and the reason for it was the so called thekedaarz of education claim to provide you the best of education; but was unable to rectify the spelling mistakes in their own advertisement. The statement written was something like this “Best Tuters at less Price”, I bet a lot of you will smile as you read the that tag line.

Now I was curious to know what else we can get at that “less price” so I slowed down and kept my focus on the billboards and the wall chalking that passed me on my way back. Another interesting billboard caught my eyes it was an advertisement of a schooling system and they were promoting their quality of education with a picture of a child who has scored “7 A’s” in his Cambridge exams. WoW!!! What a quality of education.


I turned to the place where that so called “less price” educational center to see what the reality is. To my surprise when I reached the place the road was blocked with hundreds of bikes parked at the roadside just in front of the center. I went inside and entered the office to see a lady in her early 20s was sitting at the back of the desk. I inquired about the admission criteria for my imaginary brother; she tried to impress me by talking in English her back to back questions were “where you brother study, what is his class”. I could hardly control myself when I replied her in the same language she immediately referred me to the other person who was on the next table. What happened next is not of so importance. Amazingly, there were almost 200-300 future builders of Pakistan studying there.

It was surprising to notice almost 70-75% of the walls were chalked as advertisement for these coaching centers. Looking at all those I had proud feeling of belonging to a well educated country and where the literacy rate can never be less than 80-90% if you sample your calculations on the basis of those advertisements. Unfortunately this is not the case; the ground reality is the percentage is much less this.

The point I want you all to pay attention to is don not just pay for sake of just paying it; do some research before getting someone hired for educating your child. Otherwise, it is better to burn your money than to have an education like this. It is not important to pay hands full of money, it about your child’s future.



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