I was born in Karachi and have been here since then, I have been a proud and patriotic Pakistani, but since some time I am forced to think is it worth. Lately, what I noticed was shocking and sad as well. Moving on the roads is normal but last week when I was on the roads with no intentions motives or let us just say was killing the time. I was reading the billboards and wall chalking. This is when suddenly I came across a very huge flag of a political party, it caught my attention and my eyes rolled up, down, right and left and were amazed to see the size of that flag.

What I have learned from my childhood is: a nation is a group of people sharing common history, culture etc. Common language, Common history, Common religion, Common culture, and Common origin, Common flag are the main ingredients which compile to a nation. An individual with all these qualities is considered to be an inhabitant of a particular nation or country.


You can count millions of flags flying high on almost each and every electric pole, roundabouts, buildings, walls, flower pots, even the tree stems are painted in color indicating the plantation is done by a specific mind set people. These flags are colorful and some of them are very appealing too and instantly by looking at them you can imagine the faces and characters behind if not all most of them. Since I have noticed it I am confused as to which of these flag I belong too, as my father belong to a different ethnic group and my mother to a different. As a child of my parent’s I cannot adopt one’s culture and deny other’s because the way my upbringing was done I have never felt the difference and I am a blend of both my father’s culture and my mother’s culture and ethnic values.

So, don’t we all belong to a single mother homeland, don’t we all have a common mother tongue, don’t we have a single religion. But unfortunately, what I have been noticing since the flag I saw on the road my eyes are continuously searching for the flag I was born with, the flag of my pride, what is to be known as my identity, YES the flag of Pakistan.

Yes, I see Pakistan’s flag in Cricket Matches, I see Pakistan’s flag at the front of every Government official car, I see Pakistan’s Flag on every Government offices but all this can be seen on the 14th August of every year.

My question is why can’t we all get under one roof i.e. Pakistan. Trust me, this shelter is big enough for all of us and we don’t need any individual umbrellas for everyone. Remember, you are just a small part of Pakistan even if you associate yourself with any other flag within the country, but owning the nation’s flag you will own the nation.


  1. Ahsan Raza says:

    Islam and then Pakistani.

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