Silent Terror


Hearing a blast at Abbas Town on Sunday a couple of miles away from home shook everyone around with terror. The torturing voices of the ambulances and fire extinguishers were not hurting the ears but were scaring the souls. Scenes from the incident were so horrifying, that the people with weak hearts were not advised to see.

Back to back blasts shook the city with horror, everyone in the neighborhood rushed to the spot and put their lives on stake to save the injured, to dig out in the rubble and pull out their countrymen who were trapped beneath. Regardless of caste and creed they were doing their best to save maximum number of people, things got worst and the nearby apartments caught fire and making the situation worst. Electricity went out, the gas line leaked but forgetting about their caste and custom all were doing their bit.

The aftershocks of the blasts were not sub-sided when yesterday out of nowhere suddenly the news channels started flashing news of chaos in the city and with in no time the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi was by forced shut down. No one knew the reason, various rumors flew in the city and the people were resembled it with the incidents of 27th December and 12th May. Everyone was busy in calling their loved ones, whether their children have reached home safely and advising the family members to stay home in order to be safe. There was a complete chaos in the city. Even with all the traffic noise on the road in the non-rush hours of the day there was an unsaid terror and silence in the air. Everyone had a terrifying look on their faces.

The silent terror which has rooted Karachi-ites even after paying raised electricity & gas tariffs, road tax, property tax, income tax, CGT, GST is INSECURITY. People in Karachi have developed a habit of returning straight to home after work to avoid any incident are now not even secure in their homes. The fear of seeing a car or a truck standing on a road side will send shivers to the people living in the city. Every pillion riders are considered dangerous and are doubted by almost everyone. Karachi-ites are so terrified with the situation in hand that even if someone stops by and asks for a direction they are hesitant to get close to them.  The city which was known as the city of lights and the Karachi-ites who were known for their lively hearts and night rockers are now zombies. The fear of getting robbed in the middle of the market, getting killed by an un-named bullet, kidnapped and tortured on caste basis, cracker attacks for not paying ransoms, land grabbers. The terror of losing your loved ones, getting robbed in traffic jams, getting hit by an unnamed bullet has stolen the peace of mind and it is slow poisoning us to be psychiatric patient and has made the city of lights and life a walking graveyard for the Karachi-ites to live.

2 thoughts on “Silent Terror

  1. Ahsan Raza says:

    Peace Peace Peace please 😦

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