Deed – InDeed

Lately, there is a lot of BUZZ about the Mother’s, Father’s days the norm which our society recently adapted. There exist a group of people who are completely against this and consider them un-Islamic and an adaptation of western culture.

When I was a child I use to love all the colorful chicks that an old man use sell on his bicycle in my neighborhood. I use to buy them with my pocket money and keep them as my pets. I had a cage on my roof where I kept all of them and in the evening I use to open the cage and let them out for some time. Me and My father use to guard them with a hockey stick from the evil hunter eagles. All this went on but one day an eagle came down and tried to pluck a chick when instantly my father swung the hockey stick and luckily it hit the eagle and it flew away leaving the chick behind; I ran to my father and hugged him for saving my chick.

Now when I look at the incident I come up with some questions; whether my father would have been rewarded for saving an innocent chick or he should be held guilty for harming a hungry eagle. I believe anyone other than my father would have done the same thing and he should be rewarded. Just because every deed is followed by the intention behind it; so to those who think celebrating mother’s day, father’s day is following the footprints of the western culture than think whether it was right to harm a hungry eagle? But again the reward i.e. good or bad entirely depends upon the intentions behind a specific deed. So it is clear that celebrating a father’s, mother’s or any other day is NOT at all following the footsteps of a western culture.


As far as the argument of restricting it to a specific day is concerned, I totally agree to the argument but very humbly I would like to ask here Islam teaches us to respect and obey our parents throughout the year. I feel no shame in saying this there will be 5% people who do the same and the rest of us intentionally or unintentionally do not follow the rule. So Why not we dedicate one day in a year for our parents, apologizes them for our mistakes, make them feel special on the day; may be by doing so we can get the apology which could not have been possible before.


This is just a thought that came to my mind and I penned it down. I have never celebrated any of these days myself but again what the point in arguing on the half empty glass and ignoring the half filled.

3 thoughts on “Deed – InDeed

  1. wajahat75 says:

    Parents are a blessing, more so because we only get one of each; a mother and a father. I agree, maybe because I am a Pakistani born and raised in the west, that we should celebrate our parents at least once a year. There is no shame in adapting certain aspects of a culture if they benefits our overall Pakistani society without compromising our strong eastern/Islamic values.

  2. erumaqua says:

    its a writeup which can be called a mixture of a pleasant touchy childhood story 🙂 , a very sensible argument and a wise opinion that we have got to know through your thoughts Affan… thankyou for posting it… really appreciative…….

    • Farhat Irshad says:

      I totally agree that no harm in celebrating these days,we do respect and take care of our parents everyday, no big deal it is our duty,but i think on this day we give them extra importance by taking them out to their favourite places,cooking their favourite dishes,which is not possible in everyday life.I guess no harm in following the west for a good cause and that too which brings a smile on our parents face,which is like heaven on earth.

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