Attended a session called “speak yourself”, idea behind was to motivate the attendees to speak up or spill out all the intentions, thoughts, feelings they have; to inspire them to break the shells of fear and voice their emotions to the world.

The idea was presented beautifully, with elaborative examples the one which inspired a lot in the whole presentation was of eagle, how it undergoes hardships in its life just to survive. After passing half of its life like a victor among its species there comes a point in life where the eagle has to choose between the two either to life the live like it is known for or to sit back and let life decide its destiny. Mostly the former is chosen and eagle bears all the hardships on itself, revive its life and live it like champion again until it dies.

Eagles are being admired almost all over the world for their traits, but what is hidden from a naked eye in its success is its ability to overcome its fear, ability to bear hardships, and the ability to live its dreams.

When an egg is hatched in bird’s family, like every other specie they are fed by their parents but when the time comes unlike humans who teach their children how to walk, talk etc. or Lions who train their cubs to hunt for their living birds throw their young ones in open air. This is where the eagle learns its first lesson to overcome its fear and in mid air it opens its wings and takes the course as champion, moving forward in life comes another test which turns out to be life threatening to the eagle and it again comes out as a victor from this too. At the middle age every eagle isolate itself from rest of the world to pluck its own feathers, peel its beak, scrape it nails to size to regain its position on the podium i.e. on the sky and this is when eagle dreams for its future and decides to make them come true despite of all the pain and hardships it takes its course for the success

Let us implement this to humans. You have to be a “Dreamer” to attain the level of success which an eagle gets.

What I learned from this example is there are only two ways of living your life, one is just to breathe and let it pass, and the other is living your life the way you want. I am not trying to re-invent the wheel but I believe is one needs to dream before taking the position on the podium. From dreaming what I mean is the intention. So set your Intentions, it is the most important part of setting a goal and reaching the destiny. Be clear and confident in your intentions, the higher the level of confidence, and the ability to bear hardships; the easier your dream will come true. The route can be full of hazards but when the intentions are clear and you are ready to take all the hardships the destiny is bound to kiss your feet. Decide yourself to live the way you want or let life make you live the way it wants.

One thought on “SPEAK YOUR DREAMS

  1. erumaqua says:

    “Decide yourself to live the way you want or let life make you live the way it wants” the best line in the post …………. i totally agree with the idea of the writer that its all about deciding who we should be, the trend settler in life or either the trend follower. So always try to bring out those ideas out of your head because you never know your idea can mark an entirely new benchmark for the rest of the world. Thankyou Affan for this post and keep blogging for us 🙂

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