When Nation Speaks !!!

Labaik ya Hussain, Shame Shame, Go raisani Go… were the only words that could be heard for the last three days across the country. The grieved started their peaceful protest soon after the back to back bomb attacks in the Capital of Baluchistan, Quetta. Mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, daughters, sons, and wives of the deceased began their peaceful sit-in protests.

While the families were protesting, masses were busy in the progress building to the long march. Blast was well covered by the media every single news channel was busy in breaking the latest number of deaths in the incident. But soon after clearance of the area and when there were no more deaths to report, media packed their bags and headed home for a good night sleep. No attention whatsoever was given to them but they continued their protest. Their demand was simple; justice is what they wanted and why not living in a democratic country where every individual has his or her own rights.

Their protest continued under open sky, freezing cold, and above all the fear of terror that had just taken away their loved ones. They were silent, just chanting labaik ya hussain there was no damage to public property, no firing, none of the vehicle set to fire, no blocking of roads. They sat calmly with the coffins of the loved ones and were reciting prayers. Their silence was knocking every citizen of this country, as if asking them to wake up, stand up and join us in the cause; but the nation was in a deep sleep and was dreaming. Under freezing cold they kept knocking with a hope to be heard.

With breaking of dawn their silence started nailing the nation and flood of news started to flow in relating the silent protest in quetta through social media. Marking media to take notice of the situation, news flew like jungle fire and the nation started their silent movement in their very own cities. Within no time news started to flow-in about start of protests across the country in different cities. Students, youth turned out in numbers to protest and join sit-ins with their brothers and sisters. There were numerous protests across the country but the irony of the situation was that no one in the government bothered to listen. The total government machinery was blind folded by the Long March. This was the time when civil society and media stepped in, or was forced to step in by the pressure exerted by social media and the intensity of the incident building momentum.

Just after 24 hours of the incident protests started across the country, people from every walk of life joined hands they were not shia, not sunni, they were not forced by any political party, nor driven by religious wings irrespective of faith, religion, gender, age or language they were there because they were humans. Bearing the cold weather, the fear of terror they stand hand in hand with their fellow countrymen. The toll rise from 10s to 100s and they kept sitting with just one agenda in their minds “JUSTICE”. Unfortunately, their peaceful protests were not hitting the deck the hard this was when these peaceful soldiers targeted their movements and started challenging the state machinery but even then there was not a single incident of violence reported. Their sit-ins blocked railway tracks, airport routes, and cosmopolitan areas to get their voices heard. Feeling the heat of the situation all the 2nd and 3rd tier political parties stepped in and started sending their condolences to the grieved, accepting their demands, and offered their support.

To avoid the worsening of the situation rusted government machinery was shaken and Mr. President directed Mr. Prime Minister to get the issue resolved. After 72 hours of peaceful protesting their voices got heard, their demands met and the protestors disbursed peacefully soon after it.

Looking at the scenario a lot has been learnt from it, the silent and peaceful protest of Quetta incident sends a message across the board that Islam is the religion of peace, keeping calm can get you justice and uncovering the extremist face which is nothing but the paid bunch of people destroying the image of Islam and has nothing to do with religion.

When people stand up for a cause they can kneel down anyone, anytime. Regardless of blockages, suspended mobile services, water cannons etc. they will overcome any obstacle and will conquer. The nation is awake now and the so called elected members should wisely draft their election speeches because if the nation can make the dead people heard, there is no question they can turn the tables if they are not delivered what they were promised. Civil society, media, law enforcement agencies, judiciary should clearly set their priorities a movement can change it once and for all. Because when Nation speaks, it demands.

One thought on “When Nation Speaks !!!

  1. erumaqua says:

    It’s a splendid write up I must say that has notified a successful campaign which was based on a firm decision to bring out some results from the protest they were having. Whereas my favourite line in the whole text was in the last paragraph that says : “When people stand up for a cause they can kneel down anyone, anytime” BRAVO!! absolutely true and well said….

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