Stress management

Learning to manage stress is the key to a successful and healthy daily life. It is not just helpful for your work environment but can be of significant importance in your daily, social life as well. Today 9 out of 10 people around us are victims of stress that can vary according to persons, situations, and severity.

Today our daily routines are full of hassles, frustrations, deadlines, and demands. Hassles of traffic, frustrations of not getting what you have wanted, not meeting the deadlines at your work, or demands of your clients or of your family all can result in imbalance. All this can work both ways in any of these situations either you will come out as a conqueror or you will respond to it by stepping back and try to defend and protect yourself or wait for the cyclone to pass.

Stress is often taken as negative but in actual this is not the case, what happens is whenever you face a situation where you are required to give something extra stress arises and the mainframe computer of your body i.e. the BRAIN sends tsunami of hormones these hormones help you with that extra energy to perform that extra bit.

So, when stress comes in small chunks it is not at all bad instead it can help you perform better and motivate you to “I can do it”. Let me take a real life example which almost every one of us have experienced let us recall the time when the notice board at our schools shows the schedule for the exams. People who have always been average students in their lives like me took their books out when we finally see the schedule of the exams. We had to work a lot in that short time to get at least the grades that can help to get promoted to next level. You are right all of this was possible because of the stress hormones that were released by our brain to take up that huge task and get out of it as a winner.

Now let us figure out when these helpful hormones become harmful. After a certain level stress stops being helpful rather it becomes harmful, when you’re constantly hitting the top gear this is when the problem arises and when it exceeds its limit your body and mind pay the price for it. When this continuous supply of hormones is required by the body it then creates the imbalance and results in damaging of physical and mental health.

There are some common problems or symptoms that can result from any stressful situation; these can be physical, emotional, or even behavioral. Most common of which is Constant worrying other than this memory problems, poor judgment, moodiness, inability to relax, sense of loneliness, depression, pains and aches, frequent colds, chest pains, constipation, eating less or more, use of alcohol, sleeping less or more. Most of us don’t even realize that we are experiencing it but actually we are.

The most important part is we should learn recognize these symptoms; control them before they get control on us. I am not a medical graduate so I won’t be giving any prescriptions because to me drugs can only mask the problem temporarily but cannot provide a permanent solution to a problem. What I can suggest you some home remedies that can help you save your pennies and also help you to take control of the situation.

First and the foremost could be change your stances i.e. if you are seated; lie down or stand up as soon as you change your stance your active muscles that were causing the problem will start to relax and will help you get the balance back to normal. Secondly, try to think of something else any happy moment or event, your kids or something else that can divert your attention from the subject for a short while.

In case the above two can’t help you take out a magazine, newspaper and start reading an article or comics which ever your find handy or take out your cell phone and find if you have any pending replies or missed calls to respond, or you can even start playing some game that does not need that much of energy or mental skills on your system. If you are in a condition where the above three are of no use then immediately change your environment if in your house get out of there take a chair and sit in your garden in case you are at your work take some time out and leave the office premises or at least the place where you sit and work go to some other colleague and talk to him about the football game or any other thing.

I will certainly keep this article open for comments and suggestions for the betterment. 

One thought on “Stress management

  1. erumaqua says:

    Oh My God ……. the symptoms you have mentioned are worrying me 🙂 … indeed the solution you gave are actually quite useful and easy to get into our practice…. good one

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