Hate – Hate

The title that I have selected today was boggling in my mind for quite a few days now, but was unable to get it on track.

But first let me clarify, as you go on reading this article you will find it contradictory to the title but as soon as you reach the end of it I hope this may somehow change your thinking to some extent.

What HATE really is?

No one will deny that it’s just a feeling just like every other such as happiness, anger, and love, there is no physical existence of any of these and this is reality isn’t it.

To tell you the truth, why all this came to my mind is simply because the other day I was going through some magazines and I came across a short story of a girl.

I will try to summarize it here, so the story goes on like this. There is a girl who was born in Lebanon and since the time she can actually remember that she can memorize things and distinguish between good and bad she was made to hate Israelis. She had no other choice except to accept it as presented. Time passed and she went abroad due to her country’s situation, she was admitted in school and there she found a girl who later became her best companion after somewhat like 10 years she came to know that her best friend belonged to a nation she hates. Even after knowing this her attitude towards her friend never changed but she still hates that country.

After reading this I began to think why all this happen, what hate actually is, why we can’t forget it and all such stuff.

Everyone will agree that HATE is like every other feeling, if all the other feelings can change or vanish so why can’t hate. You forget your happiness, your anger vanishes, and your sadness disappears but when it comes to hate no one wants to forget it. When anyone of us are in such a situation or by any means someone unintentionally brings that person or thing in discussion of by any chance that person or thing comes in front of us what happens, yes our facial expression, our attitude changes. Even if we don’t want to still that thing or person can spoil our mood to an extent that we are forced to change, drop, and postpone the event or discussion. Whatever the case may be this all depends on the level of hatred we have for that thing or person.

Let me quote an example here, not lately I was forced to watch a cricket match between two nations Pakistan and India, there was an arrangement made at one of our family friends and the audience included both the Indian and Pakistani supporters. What amazed me was the audience who were like blood relatives to each other were abusing, hooting when their opposite side does anything good, sorry but I am very bad at cricket so I was just enjoying the audience. Let us not talk about the result what happened soon after the match is another shocking behavior I observed they all were planning the night out as it was a weekend. What I realized that day was the sadness, the anger, and the happiness all of it vanishes without leaving a mark but when it comes to hate as I said earlier it remains in our heart as fresh as ever.

In my opinion, we hate a person or thing because we do not want to remember that incident, person, or thing but in the contrary what we are doing is we are giving them a permanent residence in our hearts, souls, and minds. We are making them remembered them forever and ever. We always say I was sad, I was happy, I was angry, or even I was in love but we never say I hated you in fact we always use I hate you, I hate this, I hate that. Hating something is always in our minds and we never tend to forget it.

Yesterday a friend of mine texted me a forwarded message that goes like this “I believe that allowing someone to remain a part of your life after they have betrayed or hurt you is simply giving them permission and opportunity to do it again.” See we never try to get rid of this hatred word from our life and dictionary.

I will leave you with a question


Whereas, in last few days I have tried to change the actual meaning of this word in my dictionary as “Happy At The End” so that I keep my heart, soul, and mind believing everything around us is GOOD.

This has changed my approach towards things and hope can help others to some extent as well.


3 thoughts on “HATE – HATE

  1. erumaqua says:

    What important is not what you have GOT but what you GIVE…. Hate is never going to spread any good if its kept inside forever …… very well said by the writer WHY CANT WE FORGET IT……..let your hate go away from you as its absolutely of no use to be kept within……… thankyou Affan for an elegant post…….

  2. sana says:

    It’s well written..the way you have given your own examples and experiances helps any reader to easily understand what you are trying to explain or express…I really like it..

    • Farhat Irshad says:

      A good question put forward by the writer that why can’t we just forget to hate,yes we should learn to forget it as i believe that life is too short to love how do people find time to hate.

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